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  1. Default Volley Bomb

    Extreme Volleyball v2.01
    Android 2.1+

    Extreme Volleyball with a bomb.
    The game Extreme Volleyball is a variation on the subject of volleyball. From volleyball it is necessary what to play the main difference not a ball, and a bomb.
    The purpose of game to blow up a bomb on the territory of the opponent.
    The bomb blows up, if it concerns a floor, there were more than three contacts of a bomb or time of burning of a fuse ended.
    Before the beginning of game choose quantity of bombs.
    Besides, you can choose complexity level, a way of moving and a place of the player. For a jump you should concern the screen in any place, besides, which is used for traffic control.

    Download free:
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    I would like to hear the impressions of those who have installed the game.

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    Do not they installed the game?

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    version 1.04
    Added the ability to play together on the same device.

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    If you are interested. The game was ported to iPhone. The game is free.

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    Game updated. Fixed bugs. Improved performance.

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    Added new features.
    You can set a timer bomb 15,30,45,60,75,90 seconds
    If you are interested in the game, to express their wishes for improvement.

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