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  1. Question 2.1 soundsystem on HDMI screen?

    Hi guys,i have a question about a 2.1 soundsystem,it is powered by 220volt and there is a adapter that change the power to a lower voltage for the system. My question is if i can connect it to my HDMI tv screen ?,on the back of the tv is a connection for a headphone,on the 2.1 system is a connector,( the only one that fit in the tv )but i want to know if i dont take a risk to blow up my screen (the problem is that the 2.1 system was part of a computer for sound but you can use it apart from the pc, i use it to connect it with my nokia phone to listen to music and it deliver a great sound)so can i use it also on my HDMI tv screen ?
    Greetzz to all ;~>

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    Without seeing the back of the tv and the 2.1 it's hard to judge but generally speaking speakers active speakers have their own power supply so will not blow up tv. Computer speakers are a little different in that sometimes they are powered by the computer but if there is a mains plug on it use that instead.
    There is no risk if the power is not coming from screen as speakers DO NOT feed volts back,they are output only not input.

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    The TV may not sound great through the speaker though as computer speakers are designed for use with the sound card and therefore has processing etc before it reaches the speaker -same goes for playing a mobile through it.

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