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    As a mobile browser with the largest user base, UC Browser provide a great experience in mobile browsing for 350 millions users worldwide. It's so smart and all platform supported, can work perfectly on Symbian/Java/Android/WM/Blackberry/Iphone. But itís pity that they don't have complete language version for each mobile OS. For Indonesian users, they used to only provide Symbian and Java version.
    Now things has been changed. Since mobile internet become increasingly popular in Indonesia, In this year, UC Browser build a specialized team to work on Indonesian market. They are working hard on localizing UC Browser to adapt to Indonesian users. Let's see what surprise UC Browser can bring to us!
    BTW, UC Browser received Best Android Browser Reader's Choice Award in 2012. After trying it, maybe you will know that's why:

    Here are some features of UC Browser, for you to know more about it:

    1. Amazing fast! With its cloud acceleration system, making browsing 5 times faster than the handset default browser.
    2. Saving traffic: By using UC Browser, web content can be compressed and save 90% traffic when you enjoy mobile browsing.
    3. Powerful Download Manager: It's not just fast, you can even stop and resume your downloads whenever you want, which is much more smart than any other mobile browser in the world.
    4. Multi-Touch: First mobile browser supporting Multi-Touch, enjoy it. Try to swipe left and right with one or two fingers, and see what happened.
    5. Fine navigation, Automatic matching URL, thoughtful bookmark, you can visit the most popular sites without typing the address.
    6. Kinds of other features form an amazing browser: Prefetch Content Loading, Display Mode, Save and Share site, File Management, making your mobile browsing much more enjoyable.


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    That is really great news for the Indonesian users.

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