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  1. Default Mobiles24's prediction league

    Since it is just hours away from to PL finally kick of again for the 12/13 season. I decided that I would make a prediction league thread. Once a week I will post a post with 10 different matches from the largest leagues match.
    After all the matches is done, I will count up the points and put them in a league table.
    Deadline: Normally I will set a deadline one hour before the first match starts, but in this first week I will set a deadline one hour after the first match start (I hope anyone will notice this)
    Your job: Predict the score in each of the matches
    Points: 1 point for for the right team that won the game. 3 points for the correct ending score and winning team.
    Ok. let the game begin!

    Round 1:
    18 Aug
    Arsenal- Sunderland
    QPR - Swansea City
    West Bromwich - Liverpool
    Newcastle - Tottenham
    19 Aug
    Real Madrid - Valencia CF
    Fc Barcelona - Real Sociedad
    Manchester City - Southampton
    Wigan - Chelsea
    Ajaccio AC - Paris Saint-Germain
    20 Aug
    Everton- Manchester United

    (Since I made this thread just two hours before the first matches, and since no once seem to have noticed this thread yet, the first round will not count, and will only be a test round-ish. I hope the anyone want's to join this and then things can start for real )
    Good Luck everyone
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  2. Default My Predictions

    My predicions:

    Round 1:
    18 Aug
    Arsenal- Sunderland 1-1 Lukas Podolski/ Larsson

    QPR - Swansea City 2-0 Adel Taarabt and Jamie Mackie
    West Bromwich - Liverpool 0-1 Suarez
    Newcastle - Tottenham 1- 2 Papiss Cissé/ Bale and Defoe
    19 Aug
    Real Madrid - Valencia CF 3-1 Cristiano Ronaldo 2 and Karim Benzema
    Fc Barcelona - Real Sociedad 3-0 Messi 2, Alexis Sánchez and

    Manchester City - Southampton 2-0 Aguero and Adebayor
    Wigan - Chelsea 3-0 Torres, Mata and Hazard
    Ajaccio AC - Paris Saint-Germain 0-2 Ibrahimovic 2
    20 Aug
    Everton- Manchester United 1-2 Fellaini/ Rooney and Van Persie

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    Doubt you will get enough interest. Lounge doesn't even get more than 5 active posters these days.

    Arsenal 3-1 Sunderland
    QPR 1-0 Swansea City
    West Bromwich 1-2 Liverpool
    Newcastle 2-2 Tottenham
    19 Aug
    Real Madrid 2-0 Valencia CF
    Fc Barcelona 4-1 Real Sociedad
    Manchester City 3-0 Southampton
    Wigan 1-2 Chelsea
    Ajaccio AC 1-3 Paris Saint-Germain
    20 Aug
    Everton 1-3 Manchester United

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    [QUOTE=Paul;453039]Doubt you will get enough interest. Lounge doesn't even get more than 5 active posters these days.

    I know, but at least two would be awesome

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    I've been at work but it's a great idea (like paul I'm concerned about lack of interest due to lack of active users).
    I'm in just give enough notice ie post list of matches day/night before, and Ill give you my earnest if not balanced opinion lol.

  6. Default

    Round 1 results:
    18 Aug
    Arsenal- Sunderland 0-0
    QPR - Swansea City 0-5 Dyer (2), Sinclair and Michu (2)
    West Bromwich - Liverpoo 3-0 Gera, Lukaku and Odemwingie
    Newcastle - Tottenham 2-1 Ben Afra and Ba/ Defoe
    19 Aug
    Real Madrid - Valencia CF 1-1 Higuaín/ Jonas
    Fc Barcelona - Real Sociedad 5-1 David Villa, Pedro, Messi (2), Puyol/ Castro
    Manchester City - Southampton Nasri, Tevez and Dzeko/ Davis and Lambert
    Wigan - Chelsea 0-2 Ivanovic and Lampard
    Ajaccio AC - Paris Saint-Germain 0-0
    20 Aug
    Everton- Manchester United 1-0 Fellaini

    Points: (First round will not count, it all start next round. And then I will try and get some more people to join in )

    Svenny: 6 points
    Paul: 3 points

    Later today, the upcoming matches will come, stay tuned
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  7. Default

    Hey can anyone tell me who was the winner ???

  8. Default

    After a very exciting football week with many goals and many surprises a new week will soon begin, will there be some more surprises in the next week to, get ready for round two!
    Hope we will get some more players to join in the next round, this round the round will start for real!

    Round two fixture !
    24 August
    Borussia Dortmund -Werder Bremen
    25 August
    Swansea City- West Ham
    Manchester Utd -Fulham
    Tottenham-West Bromwich
    Norwich City- Queens Park Rangers
    Juventus -Parma
    26 August
    Stoke -Arsenal
    Liverpool -Manchester City
    Hannover 96 -Schalke 04
    Osasuna -FC Barcelona

    Good luck!
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  9. Default

    Borussuia Dortmund 2-1 Werder Bremen
    Swansea City 2-0 West Ham
    Manchester Utd. 2-0 Fulham
    Tottenham 1-0 West Bromwich
    Norwich City 1-1 Queen Park Rangers
    Juventus 2-1 Parma
    Stoke 1-2 Arsenal
    Liverpool 1-2 Manchester City
    Hannover 96 1-1 Schalke 04
    Osasuna 0-2 FC Barcelona

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    24 August
    Borussia Dortmund 2-1Werder Bremen
    25 August
    Swansea City 1-1 West Ham
    Manchester Utd 2-0 Fulham
    Tottenham 3-1 West Bromwich
    Norwich City 1-0 Queens Park Rangers
    Juventus 2-0 Parma
    26 August
    Stoke 2-1 Arsenal
    Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City
    Hannover 96 2-2 Schalke 04
    Osasuna 1-3 FC Barcelona

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