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    I am new to this and I am stuck! I have an HTC Onev and I downloaded the app for instagram from the play store. It keeps telling me to insert an SD card....what is that and is it necessary to do this to get instagram or am I doing something wrong? Is my phone compatible to get instagram?

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    An SD-Card is a type of memory card which you can introduce into your phone in order to store more data. usualy the sd-card slot is under your phone battery.

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    Instagram is the best photo sharing application which gives the wide scope to have the photo editing options.It provides you the accessibility to take the picture and filter them and then share to the social sites and for free. Hope you all enjoy this application and thanks for the share.

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    you need an SD card to save your pictures on

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    its a decent app. i dont use it much because i dont see the need, i just photoshop all my stuff if i need to anyway

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    Nice app, but after some time I stopped using it

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    I think your phone camera pictures default saving location is external memory(SD card). Change the location or insert a SD card. otherwise you can't use instagram.

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