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  1. Default Samsung Galaxy note 2 10.1 coming soon

    hello friends,

    I am waiting for the the Note 2 tab to come out....i really don't know the price, but i would definitively buy that.


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    Yeah Samsung Galaxy note 2 seems to have good features with its huge screen. It would be the best device if it comes with the all features specified. Did not have the clear idea about the release date, hope it works well.

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    I am also waiting.

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    Samsung Galaxy note 2 10.1 is so many extra apps and games are available.They may add smart apps are available,good hardware and many more.Samsung Galaxy note 2 10.1 may be take you market.

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    Yes samsung galaxy tab 2 is coming with the all enhanced and impressive features, i heard and saw the review in online, sounds are very cool and nice. So many users are waiting for this, i am also one of the person in them.

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    now its on Log in to see linksnow grab it fast

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    Samsung galaxy note 2 is best phone. THis phone have 8 megapixel camera with auto focus. This phone has 3100 mAh battery, giving it the longest talk time. Also this phone comes in 2 variants of 16GB and 32 GB internal memory.
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