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  1. Default Blackberry Theme

    Requirements: Blackberry 8900, 8910, 8980, 9000, 9700, 9780 - OS5 or higher
    Overview: A spinning globe amongst a field of stars sets this minimalistic theme apart from others. It features the stunning graphics of one of the Compass backgrounds: users have called it ‘simply beautiful’ and ‘slick and stunning’.

    Tired of being overwhelmed by homescreen icons? Craving peaceful, uncluttered silence? You owe yourself this theme...

    Some customers have requested if it is possible to slow down the spinning globe slightly: The only way to slow the globe down and keep the smoothness of the animation was to add more frames to the animation. Doing that increased the file size: the more frames, the bigger the theme. The bigger the theme, the more it began to lag. The animation you see was the optimised final result.

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  2. Default

    That is nice theme thanks for sharing it.

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