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  1. Default Mobiles24 EPL Fantasy Football & Prediction Game For 2012/13 Season - Join in free!

    Mobiles24 EPL Fantasy Football & Prediction Game For 2012/13 Season - Join in free!
    New Thread ready for a new season of Football - All applicants welcome!

    It's that time of year again (I know that at the moment everyone is obsessed with the olympics but the the premiership starts again on the 18th august so start thinking football people)

    M24 Classic League
    Entry Code: 735739-185344
    Applications CLOSED as soon as season starts.

    M24 Head to Head League
    Entry Code: 735739-185357

    Go to the official FA Premier League site to play free fantasy football - Log in to see links
    For previous years' players just sign is as normal and pick a new team for the coming season.
    For new players click on the not registered/sign up to register link(don't use real name in first and last name sections-use m24 user name so everyone on here will recognise you ), pick a fantasy football team (budget is £100m and can only have 3 players from each team). Once done click on join league and type in 735739-185344 as entry code to join Mobiles 24 classic league (points total-highest points wins) or if you prefer your competition a bit more personal type in 735739-185357 to join the head to head league (every gameweek each fantasy teams' points are paired against each other (3 points for a win ie more points in a week than your opponent, 1 point for a draw and obviously 0 points for a loss).

    Unlimited transfers until start of season once season has started-18 Aug 11.30 GMT-1 free transfer per week and any other transfers deduct 4 points per transfer.

    This game is COMPLETELY FREE you just have to register(as I say not even with your real names, it's just so you can setup an account),there are prizes but I've played it for several years and got nowhere near any of them(if you do win a prize you deserve to be a real manager!)
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    Am in.

    Btw, Is it not 2012/13?

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    Yeas it is 2012/13 (thanks for the edit Karl) -that's what you get for being lazy and trying to copy/paste + edit instead of writing from scratch.

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    I did edit the title, forgot about the thread.

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    haha...i like,thank you.

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    My starting team (already changed twice!)

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    I'm in as always. This year I will actually try and keep it up throughout the whole season, instead of quitting after a couple weeks
    My current starter team (i might change a couple of times, but in the end I will end up with the most awesome team ever and then (hopfully) rule the world with my team, wait for it )
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    Ive created a Mobiles24 classic league for the new game Premier League Player Exchange
    Log in to see links

    Entry Code: 735-369

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    Haven't examined it at all well enough but I'm in.

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    Van Persie has been sold to Man Utd! So for my team Ramsey out Carrick in (with Rooney and Van Persie up front there shold be at least a few assists from Carrick)

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