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  1. Default What tools are most popular for Android Game development?


    We use Unity3d for android development. We only explored a small handful of tools for development. We looked at shiva, unity, andengine and titanium. We ultimately went with Unity3D, but I am interested in hearing what tools you guys chose.

    -marco (HBG)

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    I am not familiar with 3d but in develop games if frame rate very important, I use cocos2d-x. Because I can port to other platform without rewrite codes

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    Unity3d is really an awesome tool for android games development.

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    Currently I'm looking into AndEngine and I like it. If you need only 2d staff in simple way, it very good engine.

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    I just use Eclipse. Whats the benefit of other tools?

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    I think Cocos2D , AndEngine and unity3D are good for game development.
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    I am using Monogame and Xamarin for Android

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