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    Play the official mobile game of The Dark Knight Rises and experience a great action game inspired by the movie trilogy's final chapter. Play as Batman or Catwoman through 8 thrilling levels, from Gotham Streets to City Hall and the Stock Exchange. Unlock Batman's gadgets and vehicles like the Batarang and the Bat-Pod to fight against Bane and his mercenaries, and enjoy deep immersion in the Batman universe thanks to rich gameplay that allows you to explore, fight and sneak your way through the game.

    - The official mobile game of The Dark Knight trilogy's final chapter
    - 8 levels to explore across several locations like Gotham Streets and City Hall!
    - Rich and challenging gameplay made up of platforming, fighting, chase levels and stealth!
    - A wide range of gadgets to use, from Batarangs to the Bat-Pod and more!
    - 2 playable characters: Batman and Catwoman!
    - Great replay value thanks to secondary challenges for each level and numerous items to unlock!
    Credit To Harpreet
    Nokia 128x128
    Nokia 128x160
    SE 128x160
    Nokia 176x208
    Se 176x220
    Nokia S40v3 240x320
    Nokia s60 240x320
    320 x240
    SE 240x320
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    links are not working
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    links are not working
    Link already Fixed!!!!
    Sorry if my post bad english.

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    Its amazing game thanks for the link.
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