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  1. Question LG Octane VN530

    The free Concise Oxford English Dictionary 2 is listed on Mobiles24.com as a
    java Apps compatible with my phone. My service is with Verizon and I have
    data applications blocked. I have downloaded both the jar and jad formats for this App to my micro sd card. Both files are in the Playlist folder. I can see all this on the H drive when the phone is connected to my pc. The App does not run. I am guessing I may have overlooked something simple or technical or that
    Verizon has prevented this type of App from working. At the Verizon store they claim there is no blocking, just don't know what to do. Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks All

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    Quote Originally Posted by homerB0912 View Post
    I honestly am not sure why your phone is having such issues because I know of a couple people who have that program on their phones and they have Verizon (I swear by Verizon and recommend it to everyone I know) as their carrier. I will see if they've ever had any issues and get back to you.
    Your response is somewhat encouraging. I have not yet been successful. Perhaps my question should be ( How do you install a jar and/or a jad file on the LG Octane LNV530?). The techs at the Verizon Store answer by saying they do not support 3rd party software. mobiles24.com indicates dictionary by neal507032 is compatible with LG Octane. Are install instructions available?

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    After more days of internet research and discussions with technical
    people at CPR and LG tech support I have found the LG Octane phone
    does not support java. It appears that all the information about the dictionary
    apps and other java apps working on the LG Octane at mobiles24.com is simply misinformation.

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