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    Is Motorola Defy Plus is different from the original defy?

    What about Motorola servicing reports?

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    Is Motorola Defy Plus is different from the original defy?

    What about Motorola servicing reports?
    Defy+ is a newer version, meant to replace the original Defy. They stopped making Defy long ago, and with new Defy XT535 they'll probably stop making Defy+ too in sometime.

    In my opinion it is a decent phone (especially considering its price) with its large internal memory (for more apps) and 1GHz processor and stuff.

    Although on two occasions my Defy+ has frozen pretty badly. On the first time it started working on its own after being a huge pain for a whole day; on the second time I tried a factory reset and it worked normally again.

    And no, its absolutely not the best android phone.
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    The Motorola Defy Plus best android phone...

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    Motorola Defy Plus is latest version of original defy.i use motorola mobile is very good for me.

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    If you still want a DEFY/+ look at my waterproof phone thread (for alternatives) under mobile phone discussion.

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    Both are quiet identical but with few differences like 1GB of internal rom and vedio streaming added on the defy plus.

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