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  1. Default The Best Mobile Browser -UC Browser Supports Net Disk and APP Center Now!

    UC Browser is the best mobile browser I have ever used. It is even faster and smarter than Opera: With cloudy system, makes your mobile browsing smoothly as well as save your traffic.With various popular wap sites embedded, helps you open the most visited sites conveniently.

    But I think the most important advantage of UC Browser is the powerful download manager, which supports to resume downloads from breakpoints, especially for network with a higher disconnection rate.It's really smart. I think that's why it is so popular all over the world They have 300 million users in 150 countries, which is much more than Opera.

    Now UC Browser released their latest version, which is even more thoughtful. It developed net disk and App center for Symbian and Java! I'm sure some of you are in great need that I can't wait to introduce it to you immediately. It's something I copied from UC's official introduction:

    Main features of Java 8.3:

    1. UDisk (Net Disk)----Save once, download anywhere.
    Different from other net disks, UDisk works with almost all the web resources, because it deeply integrate with the browser.
    Just bundling UC Account, and you can save everything, no matter from local storage or web resources, to UDisk. Each file may have an expire date, for 7 days or forever. There are 70MB for long-time storage and 2GB for 7-days storage. Extra storage space for purchase may be available in future days.

    2. App Gallery (App Center) ----Install nothing, play everything.
    Firstly introduced with our Android version, App Gallery is used by many users. You can read news, watch videos, sync bookmarks, just from UC App Gallery .
    Nowadays, there are Online Disk, for free online storage; Quick Reads, for quick read the latest headlines; as well as Online Bookmarks, for access your bookmarks everywhere.
    Although the initial version comes with only 3 apps, the App Gallery will soon get big enough to become your web center.

    Overall, I really recommend you to try UC Browser immediately, it always give me surprise, I'm sure you will like it as long as you try it once. You can download here:
    Download English version from PC:
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    Download Indonesian version from PC:
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    Download from mobile: Log in to see links

    Screen Shots:

    Will upload attachments later.
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