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  1. Default EURO 2012 Fantasy Football

    I've just created a private league for us on Log in to see links
    (sponsored by mcdonalds)

    Regular players will be used to the set up by now,(2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders, 3 forwards includes 3 subs,captain scores double)
    minor differences for international format-only 2 players from each country,100 Million EURO budget,matches in group stages to start then knock-out phase(so choose starting team wisely)

    Code to join classic league: 80711-34380

    Code to join head to head league: 80711-34391
    (no knockout phase for fantasy players,wanted everybody to be able to play as long as they want )
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    Transfer wise you get unlimited until tournament starts, one free for matchday 2 and 3, unlimited again at quarter finals (when budget is increased by 5 milliion EUROS) then 8 for the semis and 4 for the final.

    Extra transfers can be made at 3 point penalty a time.
    One wildcard (free unlimited transfers) can be played at any time in the tournament.

    Captain be changed on a matchday if he hasn't played ( via a sub ,menu called manager substitution) BUT not automatically.

    Only one team can be entered per user but can entered into 15 different leagues.

    Starts 8/6/12.
    Good luck

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    Ill sign up in a bit.

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    Only 4 in the league so far..

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    First group games predictions?

    Poland 1-0 Greece
    Russia 1-1 Czech

    Netherlands 2-0 Denmark
    Germany 2-1 Portugal

    Spain 3-1 Italy
    Ireland 0-1 Croatia

    France 1-1 England
    Ukraine 2-2 Sweden

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    Now Spain has won........... They deserved it. Spain's last defeat in European Championship play was a 2-0 loss to Sweden in qualifying in 2006 - a 29-game undefeated run. Incredible. fabulous spain. absolutely deserved. Bring on Brazil 2014!

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    Yup... the tournament was amazing. And i was expecting for Spain and Spain did it.

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