Hello Everybody !

I just released the sequel to eXtreme MotoCross, but as I don't have the rights yet to publish here, I'll just give you the name of the app "eXtreme MotoCross 2" to browse it on Google play

More than half a million players downloaded it, and as I got many requests, here is the second opus!
I added the gameplay from eXtremeslotRacing to it, and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun, and hope to see your HighScore written on our Hall Of Fame online!

It is aimed for casual gamers, from all ages as I made it easy for my daughter of 3 years old to play at it!

There is also an original song from The Almighty Grind, Thanks a lot to them to join us in this adventure!

Have fun and do not hesitate to comment it here, whether you liked it or not, it'll help me improve it.

Enjoy !