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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilSpaghetti Log in to see links
    If it were a tueday I would, my frgrammar is porr When /I;m like this.
    I didn't notice.

    "We must never be afraid to go too far, for truth lies beyond."

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    Quote Originally Posted by NaturalMystyk27 Log in to see links
    Seems highly unlikely, to bath in a cosmonaut suit and bouncing in to get in a Jacuzzi without water, cause there's no water on Mars since we stole it from there back when Armstrong went.
    u got wild imagination boy take it easy... my jacuzzi is not on moon it is besides a moon wallpaper in my bathroom hahahahahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me_Shellie Log in to see links
    It sure looks like "The Lounge" is dying a slow death? o.O
    Yep! I have noticed but this usually happens when grievances are ignored. Belive me, people have issues.

    Well on the lighter note i just got from bed. Just browsing.

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    Just wondering what everyone is doing nowadays I hope they are having fun whatever they're doing

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