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    Default Need ideas for making a applications!

    Hello, I decided to make a Iphone App as a school final project, so I need some ideas of which app create, a game, a calculator, etc!

    I will read all the threats of how to start to program with xcode, etc but first of all I will need a idea.

    I thought to try to make a game, but I don't know if it will be to difficult for the beggining.

    Any advises? I will listen all your advises, and if I like any of your ideas, I will try to make it, and I will put your name at credits if everything is allright!


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    My first s***estion would be: make something simple. Don't go making something that's overly complex for your first attempt.

    There's an app called "mathscard"
    It's a really simple application that is also really useful. It contains formulas and facts about maths. The UI is nice and simple (always good), and it's really handy to have on you.
    Try something like that.

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    Yep, do not overestimate your ability to quickly create iPhone App. We have more then 20 years experience of making games for almost all consoles and mobile platforms, and iOS platform is one of the most difficult (for developer, of course, i mean).
    Select something simple.
    My proposal create not large, but very impressive multimedia journal about history event, your lovely city, historical car, etc, ... any thing, where you can write some text and more important - add some fun visual animation. For example, if there is famous mill in your city - create picture of object and place text hint "rotate it", and user can rotate parts of mill. This kind of multimedia apps now are quite popular....