Well, after all the hype about the difference between getting a FULLBLOWN SMARTPHONE as opposed to a look-alike FEATUREPHONE, it now seems to me that much, if not ALL, of that earlier hype was just that - a bunch of meaningless and wildly exaggerated claims of operational superiority.

I mean, so uh, WHERE'S THE BEEF HERE?

According to what we were all told (key selling point) was that supposedly a blackberry can run darn near anything you cram into it it - right?

After all, that IS why they cost the BIG BUCKS isn't it?

It's not just a cellphone, it's like a mini-laptop, it can run applications even not specifically designed as proprietary to the device itself... blah, blah...isn't that what was described as where the term SMARTphone evolved from, what seperated it from its little stepbrothers- FEATUREphones- those little imposters who supposedly could only read code of apps written by app-developers with the proprietary code of those devices' respective OS'es?

Am I missing something here ?

My point is, I have yet to download ONE (1) SINGLE app from somewhere other than Research In Motion's very own good ole' BlackBerry AppWorld.
I mean download one that works. 'kay?
That ain't stepping too far outta the box.

If you know any good apps that YOU KNOW which DO POSITIVELY run on most Blackberrys (mine is a Curve 8530), especially FREE ONES, don't hold out on a friend ! One hand washes the other, isn't that how it goes ??!!

Or post here any comment suggestion or your opinion on anything I stated here too, I'm interested in hearing what you think !!