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    Could someone please delete these themes from my site because I made some changes to them.

    Download ID: 551596
    Download ID: 402499
    Download ID: 408426
    Download ID: 390491
    Download ID: 390492
    Download ID: 391267
    Download ID: 390490
    Download ID: 413371
    Download ID: 392863
    Download ID: 489421
    Download ID: 482408
    Download ID: 394029
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    This is about as easy as it gets. Two ways to do it, really. The easiest way though I would think would be to just go to your themes directory, found here: wp-contents/themes - delete the themes you don't want to use.

    Make sure you have the theme you are using currently as the "current" theme. Also, do a backup just to be on the safe side. Always backup.

    Hope that helps

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    Thank you for the nice themes

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