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    Default Metal Gear Acid 3D Mobile [by Konami]

    Metal Gear Acid 3D Mobile

    [by Konami]

    Metal Gear Acid 3D 240x320
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    can you please state what phones this is for b/c i thought it was s60v3 but obviously was'nt b/c i got unhandled exception when i tried to open to play it

    ty all the same though b/c you do some great work on here

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    same happened with me,, but i have a S40v3

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    do you hav 176x220 version? this one works for me but i need lower resolution. thanks.

  5. Cool Here you go!!

    Hope you like, have fun!!
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    Can you hear them? They are calling to us, It's beautiful!!!

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    only SE phones supports this game they have the microcapsule 3D that nokia dosen't support.

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    god bless you for this man!thank you

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