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    hmm tricky, prob coke cause its cold atm, water in summer

    a.m. or p.m.?

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    p.m i'm not a morning person

    football(soccer) or rugby?

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    football! i love gameloft's real football!

    Jason Vorhees OR Freddy Krueger?

    P.S: songbird... you're not morning person? then, when you wake up?

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    Action or Comedy (movies)

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    Default This or That

    Simple game, i will start off, u r given a choice of 2 things and u decide which u would rather have and the u take over and do the same....example

    pepsi or cola

    if u choose pepsi then u ask the next this or that question.

    so i will start it

    black or red?

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    Tall or short ?

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    night or day?

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    chips or fish

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    medium rare or well done?

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    Medium rare

    Sugar or sweetner ?

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