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    Noxide. Hey, why you play with names?

    War or Peace?

  2. Default

    *coughs* God of War!! YEY!!!!

    Fly or Swim?

  3. Default

    Fly. Hope we can fly...

    Transform and takeoff!

    Cure or disease?

  4. Default


    Hehe cos the two of them are crazy.

    Quick or slow

  5. Default

    Like a bunny...
    It's not what you're thinking!!!

    Oh well, what was you thinking?
    -[perv mode: ON]-
    Opened or closed?

  6. Default

    makes for longer time.

    arms or legs

  7. Default

    legs. good for kicks, ouch.
    to be OR not to be... no, wait...
    right, use this:
    heaven or hell...?
    (choose hell, i'll be waiting)

  8. Default This or That Game


    It's Hot Stuff!!!

    Light or Dark?

  9. Cool

    the word hears cool...

    like m24 OR like it not???

  10. Default

    like it :p

    chocolate or icecream?

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