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    Bloody freezing.

    I like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperFlash1980 Log in to see links
    37 F, I hate cold weather.
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilSpaghetti Log in to see links
    Bloody freezing.

    I like it.
    I prefer colder weather as I easily "run hot".

    This morning:


    ... is and has been raining most of the night!

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    55F, not too bad for this time of the year.

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    First snow falling tonight (this Winter) , and the rest something like this:


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    Freeeeeeezzzzing! It is about -10° c here. And it has been this for the whole week now. And it is genreally could over the whole country too, some places there are up to -30° So yeah, I can truly say that the winter have arrived in Norway!

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    It's been pretty warm for this time of a year.

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    A bit nippy.

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    It started getting colder this week. Currently 40°F/4°C

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    Really cold.

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    It's not raining.

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