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  1. Exclamation Review: Tree Jumper

    Tree Jumper
    Mobile Game Review

    Tree Jumper
    Developer: WaveCrest Entertainment LLC
    Publisher: WaveCrest Entertainment LLC
    Release Date: Out now.
    Price: £0.64/$0.99
    Format: Android
    Game Features: Innovative platform design, rotate around the tree as you jump from branch to branch.
    Reviewed on: Google Nexus S


    Jump as high as you can in this insanely addictive game! You control a rare blue squirrel as he jumps from branch to branch up the tree. Reach new heights to unlock power-ups and items to help along the way! But watch out for traps and other animals in the tree!


    Two reviews in one week, I really do spoil you, anyway today I bring you Tree Jumper (not the most exciting of names) not a game I'd usually play, this review was going to be Red Bull X Fighters but I've had enough of reviewing bad games.

    I'll start with the graphics, Tree Jumper is most certainly a decent enough looking game, not the best but decent, bright, colourful and easy on the eye, the only problem being that after a while they do get a bit tedious being that there are only three different tree skins to choose from, Summer, Autumn and Winter, I would like to have seen a little more variety, I mean they could have thrown in Spring at least, other than that I can't really fault them.
    What's Tree Jumper all about then? Well you play as a blue squirrel, yes a blue squirrel, who likes nuts, in fact he's addicted to them and you have to guide him up the tree which, by the way never ends, collecting nuts having to avoid making him fall to his death and the many hazards that you'll encounter on your way up the tree.
    Thankfully Tree Jumper makes full use of your phones accelerometer controls and rids you of the (most of the time) useless on screen arrows, jumping is automatic and simply tilting you phone left or right will make sure that you land safely on the next branch, I've played this game on a number of phones and it's worked faultlessly on all of them, they really have done a fine job on the control element of Tree Jumper and I must commend WaveCrest Entertainment LLC (catchy name right?) for it, it's certainly one of the best accelerometer controlled games out there.
    As mentioned before you'll encounter many hazards, these hazards being snakes, beehives and birds, hit one and you'll lose any of the nuts you've collected, these nuts are quite important in this game as they determine how long you're power-ups last for, power-ups come in the form of glowing nuts and are unlocked by reaching high points in the tree, these power-ups will send you shooting up the tree taking out any enemy that gets in your way, they're a great help, but at the same time they can be quite a hindrance, run out at the wrong time and you'll find yourself desperately looking for a branch to land on.
    Speaking of branches there are different types of them in Tree Jumper ranging from springs, trampolines and your typical 'jump on it and it will fall' type of branch, but just like the graphics it's a part of the game that just lacks variety, three or four more types more and I think it would have been enough to keep things interesting.
    Even though there is a lack of variety throughout the game Tree Jumper is rather addictive, it's like that helicopter game known as Helicopter Game, not much variety but just trying to beat your own highscore will have you playing it over and over.


    So then, Tree Jumper, it may lack variety and it can get a bit repetitive but it's highly addictive and that's what's important, I paid 64p ($0.99) for this game and I can honestly say (even though it's not a lot of money) it's probably the best 64p I've spent in a long time.


    Graphics: 7/10
    Not the best but good enough.

    Same as graphics.

    Easy to play and great contols but does lack variety.

    You're a blue squirrel who's addicted to nuts, what more do you want?

    Overall Score: 7 out of 10

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    Good and Simple game

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