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  1. Default Motorola Defy – A phone with mesmerizing features

    Motorola phones comes with very dissimilar features which other phones has. You can buy any phone if you just have to call and receive the phone. But if you want to do anything and everything with your phone then I advise you to go for Motorola Defy phone. The price of the phone is also very less.

    Motorola phone are the phones which come up in the market at a good intervals. If you want to buy a Motorola phone then you have to literally wait for a new phone to launch. It does not launch too frequently but when a new handset comes up in the market it becomes the talk of the town. Each and every person talks about the phone when this phone hits the market. Log in to see links is also one of them. Any other phone cannot beat this phone in its features. It is one of the best smart phones which are available in the market.

    It is available with the advance features which can startle you completely. This phone is available with 3G network and it also offers WI-FI function in the phone. 3G helps the phone to run at great speed and it will help you to download anything you want. You can log on to social group sites, download newly launched applications, have a wide range of Google search and a lot more in this phone. The size of the screen comes up to 3.7 inches. The dimensions of the phone are 107 * 59 * 13.4 mm. 94 grams is the mass of this phone. You can clutch your phone is an immense ease and it will be really comfortable for you to carry. It has got automatic rotating multiple touch function, which is the best part of the phone. The phone works very smoothly and you can will get a great pleasure when your will be with your phone. You will not like to leave your phone even for a second. Everybody faces this problem that they have to take care of their phone from their kids. If kids bang the phone or through the phone in water then you have to replace the phone or buy the new phone. This phone comes with water resistance power.

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    nice phone except its bloody slow, im also waiting for the repairer to get in a new motherboard as the old one couldnt be turned on by the repairers.
    they updated the software and every defy i know of died a slow annoying death.
    good on motorola for making an affordable waterproofish phone, but it sucks it takes more than six weeks to get my phone repaired.

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    The defy+ is better (processor mainly so therefore quicker browsing of internet and internally) -waterproofing is just the same so yeah it is better than most phones but case has a tendency to leave gaps at the seam,s (even with the screw fix) so yeah it is water resistant just not waterproof.,try samsung xcover and sony ericsson xperia active in the same price range or as the latest waterproof phone models try samsung rugby smart and panasonic eluga.

  4. Default Motorola Defy backup

    I ended up on this sight because I googled motorola defy backup. I need to hand my phone in to be repaired. All I see on this sight are ringtones, apps, games what do I do to just back up all data from my phone onto the laptop so that I can clear my phone of personal data before handing it in?

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