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    I just found this video...and yeaa maybe it's not new for some but i want it to share it..because it's full of truth..anyway here it is:

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    Continued with the theme of the video:

    The Law Of Attraction
    There are two important phases to the Law of Attraction: “desire” and “expectation”. Desire is a positive force that goes out into the Universe and forms a connection with the substance of that which you desire. Expectation is a negative force that serves, like gravity, to pull that which you desire towards you. Both of these phases must be complied with in order to activate this Law in an advantageous manner.

    Should a person weaken or change his desire for a thing, that line of force that he has set up will become disconnected or will miss its goal. But if the desire remains constant and focused, sooner or later the desire will be met, either in part or entirely.

    However, desiring something is only wishing or dreaming, absent a full expectation that it will come. Many people expect certain things to come to them, even if they do not outright desire those things (illness, accidents, layoffs). This is the Law of Attraction at work. Never expect something you do not desire, and never desire something you do not expect.

    However, when you constantly expect something which you desire, your ability to attract that thing becomes irresistible. This is the Law.

    Mastering this Law will draw to you more of the things you desire, and less of the things you don’t. Therefore it behooves you to learn as much about this Law as you can, and to learn to apply it in your own life on a daily basis.

    In order to apply the Law, form a clear picture in your mind of what you want. Do this in a relaxed manner, with no stress or anxiety, when you are in a quiet place. Create a vivid mental picture of what you want, and then hold that thought. Then, create a full expectation that your desire will be fulfilled. The more persistent you are with thinking in this manner, the more likely and more quickly the good thing will come to you. It may be immediate, as in small desires (such as running into an old friend), or it may take some time, as with more significant ones (such as a new business). You must supplement your thoughts with action. This provides the Universe with a channel for its expression of your desire. Then let the Law do the rest. Sometimes the results will seem magical, but eventually you will come to expect your results whenever you state a desire.

    We all use this Law in every moment, but most of us use it unconsciously. Therefore it brings us many things we do not want, and little of those that we do. It would be wise to learn how to apply this Law properly, thereby transforming our experience into a more preferable one. Because the mind is a magnet, we must be very careful about how we use it and what we think about most.

    We must allow this Law to help us. When we work within the precepts of the Law, the Universe comes to our aid on a constant basis. Obstacles become opportunities for more advancement. Our problems lose their power because we know we cannot fail. When we use desire and expectation, we have no doubt that we will achieve our desires. Our wisdom, intelligence, and power grow, and we know that there is nothing we cannot achieve.

    There are three steps to using the Law of Attraction:

    1) Interest – Pay special attention to what you want to see, have, or experience. Maintain interest in something that excites you. Do not live solely for the benefit of others. Keep your mind active and engaged in some activity, and do not maintain a focus on material things. (They are only a means through which we express our interests.)

    2) Attention – Inject our interest in something into our daily activities. By giving attention to our interests, we magnetize our power of attraction, which brings us more of the things in which we have interest. This keeps us occupied, such that our minds no longer have time to focus on negative or selfish thoughts.

    If you focus on certain characteristics within yourself, such as honesty and integrity, you will find that you only attract others who share those traits. You will never be cheated, because you do not emit the energy of a cheater. This too is the Law in action.

    3) Expectation – This is attention with intensity. Like the cat waiting for the mouse to emerge from its hole, there is utter expectation that what you want will come to you. Focus, attention, and expectation consume that cat, as it should with you when you desire something good.
    When we expect only success, and never permit the possibility of failure to enter our minds, we have no choice but to succeed. Our mental magnet becomes such a powerful force of attraction that it is unstoppable.

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    What a load of crap.

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    What is this I don't even...

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    This thread confuses me.

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    Life is simple, let's not make it more complicated than it is

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