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  1. Default Dungeon Hunter 3 (by Gameloft)

    "When the darkness awoke,
    evil flooded over the land
    Uncover the mystery plot
    against your kingdom crack
    your way through large
    dungeons and fierce
    Enjoy hours of excitement
    as you dive into the main
    take side quests and collect
    countless items.
    Dungeon Hunter 3 is an epic
    adventure set in a dark
    fantasy world
    in the best traditions of the
    most successful hack and
    slash RPG.
    Genre ARPG"

    Device: Java (.jar)
    Developer: Gameloft SA
    Genre: RPG
    Category: Platform
    Retailer/Supplier: Dedomil
    Go here: *********/folder/409642
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    fix your topic man . Its just crap

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    Thanks man, +rep!!!!!!!!!!

    Here SE K800 version:Log in to see links

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    I test the game and its verry awesome I am waiting for 176x220 . And if is not gonna came 176x220 i maybe buy it

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    No X3-02 Version? Can at least someone adapt the left and right navigation keys for Touch Screen?

  6. Default Hi Friend,

    Can i have this game for my samsung wave 525 240x400?

    Thanks in advance

    ok bye

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    Screen size: 128x160, 176x208, 240x320, 240x400, 320x240, 360x640 S60v5
    Language: EN


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    Log in to see links

    Edit: password
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  8. Default Hi Friend,

    Thank you very much for the game...

  9. Default Hi Friend,

    Thank you for the game but it ask password

    What is the code?

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    Go to link of first post.... More se, samsung versions added....

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