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  1. Default Review: Armored II: Tower Defense

    Armored II: Tower Defense
    Mobile Game Review

    Armored II: Tower Defense
    Developer: In-house
    Publisher: ArmoredSoft
    Release Date: Out now.
    Format: Android
    Game Features: An addictive tower defense game with key differences: large field maps, railways for towers, bombers and minefields!
    Reviewed on: Multiple devices


    Armored II: Tower Defense is a lethal battle tower defense game for Android. Offering a few unique cues over other games of the popular genre, earn and invest cash into your weaponry and defend your base from waves of enemy baddies.


    Hello again, for my review I bring you a game from one of my favourite genres, now if you've ever read any of my Java game reviews then you'll know that I'm a massive lover of tower defence games, I don't know what it is about them, I just find them addictive, but enough of me and my weird love affair with a genre you're here for a review, that or you came in here thinking you'd find a link to download the game without having to look at the review, no link for you.

    Anyway to the game itself, Armored II: Tower Defense is pretty much your typical tower defence game, defend your structure from the waves enemies who are coming at you from a road/path, but unlike your typical tower defence game Armored II: Tower Defense's maps are huge, usually with tower defence games you can see the whole map in front of you, not so with Armored II: Tower Defense you'll have to scroll across multiple screens to see the whole play area, which not only adds difficulty but completely changes the way you play the game, okay not so much on the easy levels but most certainly on the harder levels in which you will need to put a unit on railway tracks so it can move around the area by itself, as the enemies get harder to take out and move faster the railway tracks are a must.
    As with most tower defence games there is only one path in which the enemies take, Armored II: Tower Defense is different again, enemies will now take several paths, so again you will have to play with completely different tactics to which you're probably used to with other tower defence games.
    Each level consists of 70 waves which for some people I can see being one too many but they don't have to be tackled in one session there is a save option, but getting to the last ten waves of any level is were the game really becomes exciting, massive amounts of high level enemies edging ever closer to their goal it really become quite tense in a bum clenching way, luckily after a certain amount of waves without letting any of your enemies through your units will get upgrades, be it an extra airstrike or rank, it just makes killing those enemies that little bit easier my only issues is that there are only three units where as in a tower defence game you would usually get six or more. Graphically I really like the way this game looks, units look like little toy models and the environments look pretty good as well, one thing I would like to add is that when I played this for the first time on my Friends Galaxy S2 there was a sound issue, that issues being that the sound wouldn't work, now I don't know if that has been fixed or not, but just as a word of warning there might still be issues, but on every other device I've played this on the sound works fine.


    There are many tower defence games out there but none are quite like Armored II: Tower Defense, okay it lacks a little variety in terms of the units, but the size of the maps making it feel like a real warzone and the excitement gained from the last few waves of a level make this game a real treat to play.


    Graphics: 8/10
    Remind me of a toy battlefield.

    When it works it sounds great.

    Exciting at times but can get a little repetitive.

    Not bad.

    Overall Score: 7.5 out of 10

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    Nice game.Thanks.

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    awesome, i'll have to check this game out!

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    looks like a great game! I am definitely loving the graphics

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