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  1. Default Review: Formula Racing: Ultimate Drive

    Formula Racing: Ultimate Drive
    Mobile Game Review

    Formula Racing: Ultimate Drive
    Developer: Baltoro Games
    Publisher: Nitro
    Release Date: Out now.
    Format: Android
    Game Features: Collect points and money. Use them to tune your car and improve your results.
    Reviewed on: Multiple devices


    Are you a fan of Formula? Slide into the cockpit and burn rubber with our Formula Racing: Ultimate Drive game.
    A multitude of great tracks all over the world are just waiting for your wheels.


    Hello Chaps, today I bring you Formula Racing: Ultimate Drive, it was going to be Red Bull X Fighters but I just had to tell you about this game, being a massive F1 fan I saw this game and thought I'd give it a go being that it looks quite similar to an F1 game and oh boy, was I disappointed or what?

    I'll start off with the graphics, my word they're bad it looks like a 3d java version of one the of Need For Speed games, horrible and blocky, when you compare them with the likes of Real Racing 2, Formula Racing: Ultimate Drive just looks cheap and amateur.
    Talking of cheap and amateur, lets talk about the gameplay, again it's pretty bad, there's no sense of speed, which in a game meant to be based around F1 you would expect, and don't get me started on the controls, this game has auto-acceleration which personally I hate, I like to let off the gas around corners, have a few taps on the brakes and let the momentum take me around the corner, sadly that can't be done here, I've looked and I've looked and there's no way of turning it off, again with the negatives the controls are just horrible, now I don't know if it was just my phone but I couldn't keep my thumb on the arrows on each side of the screen to turn I had to tap away at them, now that may have just been my phone but being that this game is such a huge mess anyway it probably wasn't, but that wasn't the worst thing, it's the placement of the brake button, the genius that thought this up deserves a medal, it's under the left arrow for steering, now your probably thinking that's not too bad, it is when your going into a left too fast and you have to take your thumb away from the steering to brake so either way you're buggered, it either you crash into a wall because you're going too fast or you crash into a wall because you can't turn, then your car gets damaged and your handling gets even worse.
    Within the four modes of the game which include Quick Race, a really poor mulitplayer and Time Attack there is one positive for Formula Racing: Ultimate Drive and that's the World Cup mode, it's got a decent amount of length to it and you can earn money to upgrade your car be it with better engines or tyres.
    I'll finish off with the sound, it's hilarious, download this game just to hear how bad it is, the in-game music is like something I would make up in one of my music lessons when I was eleven.


    All in all then Formula Racing: Ultimate Drive is utter tripe, bad graphics, bad sound, bad gameplay, if this game were an F1 car it would defiantly be a HRT, my suggestion avoid at all costs and play Real Racing 2 instead.


    Graphics: 1/10
    Horrible and blocky.

    So bad it's fuuny.

    Fiddly and awkward controls.

    Shocking multiplayer, World Cup mode isn't too bad.

    Overall Score: 3 out of 10
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    Next review: Armored II: Tower Defense

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    Cheers Dip.

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    Review tomorrow.

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    Awesome Racing game with Amazing graphics.

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