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    Grand Prix Story
    Mobile Game Review

    Grand Prix Story
    Developer: In-house
    Publisher: Kairosoft
    Release Date: Out now.
    Format: Android
    Game Features: Develop new vehicles and parts.
    Reviewed on: Multiple devices


    Try your hand at managing an auto racing team! Become the boss of your own team, training drivers and acquiring sponsors before conquering the Grand Prix!
    Develop new vehicles and parts, and customize them any way you like! Do you have what it takes to make it to the winner's circle?


    Hello there, welcome to my first review in the Android section of the forum and today I shall be reviewing Grand Prix Story.
    I'll start by telling you that Grand Prix Story isn't your typical racing game, you won't be doing any of the racing, it's a management game, now many of you may be thinking 'boooooooooooooring' and usually I'd have to agree, most manager games are pretty dull, but if like me you've played some of the games in the 'Story' series you'll know that they're a different kettle of fish, but enough of that let's get on with the review.

    I'll start as I usually start and that's with the graphics, they're beautiful, some of you may not agree with me here, but they remind me of the old days of console gaming, Grand Prix Story looks like a Snes game, not only that but the graphics are colourful and well detailed, my only issue is that the animations aren't the best, the way the car moves is just weird, it's as if the car can only move in right angles, it's a little strange to watch, but other than that I have no complaints.
    So then what's the story in Grand Prix Story? Well you're placed in charge of a small novice team with a small garage, one driver and a handful of mechanics, one of the first things you'll be doing is developing your car which there are three types to choose from, roadsters which are the most balanced of the three, dragsters which as you might have guessed are the fastest but rubbish at cornering and finally buggies, which are the slowest but have the best handling, and of course you can upgrade your car and to upgrade you car you'll need Research Points which are earned though racing, Research Points go towards researching parts for your car which will obviously make it better, as was as Research Points you'll also need money, earning money is simple, the higher your place at the end of the race determines how much money you earn, you'll also have the chance to earn money through sponsors, which you can change for better deals or just to keep things fresh once new sponcers are unlocked. Not only does money go towards car parts it can also be spent on improving your driver's stats by giving them a boost or simply training your driver.
    As I've already said you don't do any of the racing in this game, you'll just be watching, the only involvement that you'll have during the race is to give your driver and car a speed boost when they develop an Aura, so people looking for a true racing game Grand Prix Story isn't for you.
    I'll have to admit that the early stages of Grand Prix Story are a little tiresome, you'll be watching the same races over and over your interest in the game does get strained at times, it's only when you start entering Grand Prix tournaments that this game comes to life, suddenly your garage size expands allowing you to have two cars, more races can be entered and more customisation options become available, such as the ability to change your paintwork.
    As long as you can keep your interest in the game going long enough to get past the early stages of the game you'll be rewarded with an addictive game that will have you coming back for more.


    In short Grand Prix Story is definitely one of the best games that I've played in the Android era simply because of it's addictiveness and old school graphics, but I feel that it's one of those games that some people will love and some people will hate, a lot of people will give up before the game really show it's true self which is a shame.


    Graphics: 8/10
    Colourful and reminiscent of Snes graphics.


    Fun and addictive.

    Takes a while to get going.

    Overall Score: 7 out of 10

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    Thanks Dip.

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    Good review Aaron

    Been meaning to play this game. Your story rating puts me off a bit though, I to easily lose patience with mobile games. So i can see myself playing this game and losing interest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Log in to see links
    Good review Aaron

    Been meaning to play this game. Your story rating puts me off a bit though, I to easily lose patience with mobile games. So i can see myself playing this game and losing interest.
    I think I would have ended up putting it down if I hadn't been reviewing it.

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    Next review by me - Red Bull X-Fighters

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    Sorry about the delay with the review, I haven't figured out a way to play games with one hand yet.

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    Update: My cast is coming off next week so expect a review sometime soon.

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    Update: New review will be posted on Wednesday.

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    Cool game I love to play it.

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