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    Hello all,

    I have an enormous problem with my C3.
    So, all folders on card now are .exe, application! i cant open anything, all pictures and videos(which i made for last 1 year) are unusable now.. All that new .exe files have about 500kb, but when i click on propertise on memory card in "My computer" it say there is 1,2 gb used memory and about 0.8gb free space.. So practicly files are there but they are "locked" and i dont know how to fix this..
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    can anybody help please??

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    same problum with me

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    madam,, you need to re-program / reformat / your phone...

    100% me for tutorial./

  5. Default file explorer

    do you know where i can download file explorer for c3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by agasugod Log in to see links
    do you know where i can download file explorer for c3?
    Just search for the the home of m24 under the section mobile software.

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    anytime you format your phone or get it back to factory settings these .exe files appear expecially with your downloaded applications. Try to always create a back-up and restore it after formatting your phone. It helps.
    Can someone tell me which antivirus is compactible with my c3 and where to download it.

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    U need to re-install your settings

  9. Question antivirus for c3-00

    i have some music files on my c3 which now appears to be duplicated. When i checked the format it was 'unavailable'. I suspect its a virus but i don't know of any antivirus for c3-00. Pls help!

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