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    Fly smasher game for iPad has released,game is available on youtube.its a free download.
    It is kind of game which offers you the complete enjoyment of playing game. You can also test your riposte capability as well. Experience the real cartoon effects on your device.
    The main objective of the game is to protect your food by killing flies which has come to take the food away. You have given a sum of 3 lives or chances in a single game. If you miss to smash the flies then your food gets vanished in to a small amounts and thereby your life in game ends one by one.

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    I think there are many games available in the internet for iPad. Fly smasher game is very nice game for iPad. I like Mathris game for my iPad. It is a very popular and entertaining game for iPad, this game is particularly good for children and anyone needing to polish up on their arithmetic skills.

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