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    You are right.. There are lots of companies who launched various applications for iPhone.. Also there are lots of online shops that have the iPhone and their accessories.I have an experience with '' that have wonderful stands for iPhone..

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    Quote Originally Posted by saadia_salam Log in to see links
    one of my friend broke her phone screen within a month of its purchase... but she never insured her iPhone ... so she had to buy a new one

    it is always safe to get it insured... my iPhone was defective when i got it.. so it is worth getting insured...
    That's right I have all my devices insured just in case. Also electronic devices are so expensive which I think must be insured first.

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    You are asking about insuring your iPhone right? If yes, then you can insure it from any iPhone gallery or mobile shop better you do from gallery. But you have to read proper T&C of insurance policy because many time it based on % system.

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    Waiting for IP6S , wonder it'll larger or not =)

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    So have you get your new iPhone? hows the experience with new phone? are you also facing the storage issue with phone

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    Iphone is ruling in the market since last 30 years with enormous ups and downs. But still Apple somehow managed to be in the premium standard ranking. Iphone users gets an identity in front of others. Smarty and handy is its nick name. Not from today its been years that people believe and still believing that Iphone will be always the best choice.

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