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  1. Exclamation New!! Dead Zombie's 240*320 s60v3. jar. Chinees

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    I play the game a little bit and it looks great!!!! mutch better than Zombie Infection the sms section to gain ingame money is cracked.

  3. Post "Dead Crisis" game review

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    ad some pics. p.s The game looks mutch better than Gameloft's Zombie Infection 1 & 2 (the reflection in the mirror's bathroom looks great, animation and attention to details is so cool!!)
    The game let you explore your surroundings like closets bins etc. to find hidden items,fight with katana,shotgun,pistol,machinegun etc. find hidden passage's by remove crate's and other item's,move and shoot explosive barrels to finsh off groups off enemies/bosses,explore sewer's city's re/visit location's on the worldmap. You can buy with cracked sms menu ingame money to upgrade your's,bullet's etc.At the end off boss fight's they make use off Q.T events to finish them off,also this looks verry cool.The look and gameplay is exact the same ase Zombie Infection 1&2 but i think they do that verry good,animation graphics and story is spot on I hope you like my review p.s game is perfect playable Chinees language is no problem at all.Greetzz from Boyd
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