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    Default Android Game Review Section Rules & General Information


    1. Please do not upload or post links to games in the Game Review section.
    2. Please do not request games in the Game Review section.
    3. Only talk about the game that has been reviewed.
    4. If you have a game you want reviewed, please send a P.M to one of the game reviewers or post in one of the 'Upcoming Review' threads.
    5. When a reviewer announces which game will be reviewed next, please do not comment on that game until the review on that game has been posted.

    General information:

    Will a game be uploaded with a review? No, but if a game is available on Mobiles24 a link will be provided in the review to the uploaded game.

    Game awards; When are awards given? Awards are given when a game receives a rating of 7 or above, 7 being a bronze, 8 a silver and 9-10 being gold.

    Have any questions? Feel free to PM any of the reviewers at any time.

    And remember to always follow the Forum Rules when posting.
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