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  1. Wink Rock Your Mobile Call Recorder pro.v1.1.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Unsign.CHS-OPDA

    This useful application will let you record incoming and outgoing phone calls. CallRecorder can start recording automatically or ask whether to record a conversation or not - this will depend on the rules you set.
    How to start:

    1. First, you should turn CallRecorder on. To do this, press Options and select Settings command. In Settings dialog you can turn CallRecorder on and set up some options;
    2. After that you should set rules for CallRecorder - considering these rules the application will or will not record phone calls;

    Main view:

    You can find all recorded phone conversations in the main view of CallRecorder. The following functions are available here:

    * Play record. You can change the volume with joystick left/right arrows while a record is being played. To change speaker from loud to quiet or vice versa set an option Play volume in Settings dialog to a corresponding value;
    * Call a contact or a phone number. If the highlighted record has a phone number, you can dial it even without exiting CallRecorder - just press Call button or select this command;
    * Send via Infrared/Bluetooth/Email/MMS you can send the recorded conversation with the help of this command;
    * View contact (hot key: '*') displays a dialog with a contact;
    * Properties (hot key: '5') displays a dialog with record's detailed properties;
    * Delete (hot key: 'C') deletes marked records;
    * Delete all (hot key: 'Pen+C');
    * Pack deletes all records that don't have a sound file;
    * Refresh actualizes the list of records;

    Records that don't have a sound file are marked by red color.

    Nokia N71 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia 3250 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia N73 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia N91 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia E60 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia E61(S60 3rd Edition), Nokia E70 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia E50 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia 5500d (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia N80 (S60 3rd Edition), Nokia E62 (S60 3rd Edition)

  2. Default wanted call recoding for NOKIA E51

    wanted automatic call recoding software for NOKIA E51

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    Clicking on the link, only opens/downloads an HTML page with junk text! Copying and Pasting the link opens a blank page!

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    Hay Jay, you need to check it again man. The link is working fine.

  5. #5


    try to set your browser not to open attachements rather u should save them...cause the junk text u see is the ascii code for the file...u opened it in text mode

  6. Default Nokia N95 8gb

    hi allz i need Mobile Call Recorder For Nokia n95 8gb
    plz help me Thanks

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    hi All
    I have nokia n95 1gb,and i m looking for the call recorder ,please help me out ,iot will b highly appreciable


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    Thanks man!!!

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