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  1. Red face Ghost hunting app

    Hello y'all

    does anyone know where i can get a ghost hunting app for the samsung galaxy T? Tanky Tanky


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    what is ghost hunting app? can you explain the idea of this app?

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    the´ry made to detect "paranormal activity" in your sorroundings for example magnetic flelds fluctuations, though I think a big part of these Log in to see links are based on the belief in it.

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    some people must be realy stupid to think that a app can react of paranormal activity. those people must be shoot

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    Well you can have many applications from the android. Android is the great platform which provides a great accessibility to download many applications.You can have more games and other applications. Hope you would find it.

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    Great thread! Also my favorite view.

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    Although I'm sure you can find a ghost hunting app on the Android's, these things do not really work.

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