Description:- A wide open frontier awaits you, cowboy. What sort of adventure will you find? Ambushed and left for dead outside an unfamiliar town, youll have to use your guts and gun slinging to earn enough cash to get yourself home. But when a mysterious letter arrives from your outlaw brother, you begin to realize that coming here might not have been an accident. Take on a variety of missions from bounty hunting to escort duty as you freely explore 5 vast and treacherous maps, from the Great Plains to the snow-capped Mountains. Every step brings you deeper into the story. Ready, partner? Features:-- 5 vast maps to explore: The Great Plains, Desert, Snowy Mountains, Swamps and the Ghost Town - A strong storyline with 30 missions and a wide variety of characters to meet - Multiple challenges including horse races, gold mines to secure, hostage rescues and more - Multiple weapons: Lasso, revolver, rifle, shotgun, Golden Gun, grenades and incendiary grenades - Accept Wanted missions to get more rewards - Bring a desolate ghost town back to life!
Cheat Code:- In the game press 1973* to enable cheat. Then to open cheat list press *. To skip mission or to go next destination press #.

[+]176x208:s60v2 Eng
[+]240x320:s60v3:n95 Eng
[+]240x320:s60v3:n73 Eng
[+]320x240:s60v3 Eng
[+]360x640:s60v5 Eng