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  1. Post want to make your own ringtone for almost all popular portable devices?

    as a ringtone fancier,I often use ringtone makers to make my own ringtone.
    life with wonderful ringtone is a life with hope and love!

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    Thnx buddy for this......

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    Cheers Mate....

  4. Default just a quick question...

    I have an LG 385 and i have a memory card with my music on it, but i dont know how to actually set it AS my ringtone.
    i went into ringtones and selected downloads, but my music isnt in there, and i don't know where i'm supposed to find it to set it as my ringtone.

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    Thanks For The Help

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    This is sooo cool. I never knew you could make your own ringtones. I'm going to give it a go although I am something of a technophobe so could turn out pretty bad. Fingers crossed.

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    Hey Karl i use Audacity Beta, i really like it! and i have been mixing songs for over 3 years now! currently i am using Acapella songs with a different instrumental and that worked well i have uploaded my mixes on youtube as well

    Thanks for sharing info on audacity

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    GReat info, thanks

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    Wow! Thanks for the Log in to see links, this is very helpful. I going to start using this app for recording and editing of sound. Really appreciated
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