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    Ok thank you very much Karl, I will try again!


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    i do not understand where to find the "project rate"
    i have got everything else though.

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    oh snap. thanks. i got it.
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    I have a program named "mp3 to ringtone gold".It can shorten the mp3s and make their size appropriate for a cell phone.If you want you can download it and you'll be amazed.

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    very good suggestion
    thank u

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Log in to see links
    To Shorten & Lower the quality of MP3, please read the step by step instructions below.

    1. Download Log in to see links
    2. Select the MP3 you would like to convert, Right click -> Open with and select Audacity
    3. Shorten the MP3 by selecting the area of the track you would like and click Edit -> Cut. Now click Edit -> Select... -> All. Finally click Edit -> Paste
    4. Now, If you are uploading to, please make sure the mp3 ringtone is no longer than 30 seconds (Due to Copyright issues)
    5. Before you covert the file, click File -> Preferences -> File Formats - Change the Bitrate to 56. Click Quality and make sure the Default Sample Rate is set to 22050Hz
    6. Set the project rate to 22050
    7. When your ready to convert the MP3, Click File -> Export As MP3. The program will ask you for the Log in to see links

    You should now have an MP3 file that is converted and can be uploaded HERE

    Any questions? Please post questions relating to MP3 Conversion here.

    Note: If you choose to upload your mp3 ringtones to the public gallery. Please make sure they are no longer than 30 seconds. The mp3 ringtones that are currently in the public gallery and are over 30 seconds, will be shortened. (Including the mp3 ringtones submitted by me)
    Hey all, I'm pretty new to this site, but I may be able to add to what Karl has posted here. If you are one of the few that have a phone that is limited in space, then try using Creative's WAVE STUDIO, if you an up-to-date version, it supports MP3 conversions. I have creative a few Ringtones and uploaded to this site. One way to make the file smaller is to convert it from stereo to Mono, try different rates I.E change it from 44 khz to say 22 or even 11 if you need an ultra small file. You can actually create a ringtone that is 30 seconds long and only be around 60kb the rate for this is 18kps and 11khz mono. It sounds pretty decent for being so compressed.

  8. Question Bitrate?

    I am using Audacity v1.2.6 and nowhere under File -> Preferences -> File Formats can you change the Bitrate to 56. Where?

    What version are you using, Karl? First of all, Preferences is under the Edit menu not File. And, in preferences I cannot find a 56 bit rate. It tops out at 32. Is there something wrong with my machine???

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    Sorry I haven't replied earlier. I'm using v1.2.3 which is why the Preferences is under file. I'm not sure why you can't find 56 bit rate. What sound card do you have?

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