More than 1200 games

Games list:
1. 1200 in 1.nes= which includes contra, mario, bomberman, battle city tank type 1200 old video game
2. 1942.nes.
3. 1943.nes.
4. Air Fortress.nes.
5. Antarctic Adventure.nes.
6. Arkanoid.nes.
7, Batman.nes.
8. Battle City.nes.
9. Bomberman.nes.
10. Brush Roller.nes.
11. Captain Planet and the Planeteers.nes.
12. Circus Charlie.nes.
13. Dragon Strike.nes.
14. Mario Bros.nes.
15. Minna No.nes.
16. Pinball.nes.
17, super Mario Bros 1.nes
18. super Mario Bros 2.nes
19. super Mario Bros 3.nes
20. super Mario Bros 4.nes
21. adventure island 1.nes
22. adventure island 2.nes
23. adventure island 3.nes
24. adventure island 4.nes

some screenshot from my phone

Install vnes game emaluator.

open games zip file and move all .nes to memory card. Either in others/vnes or in data/others/vnes.

open application icon GPFce, select load new rom, browse ur .nes game, load and play

some china phones also supports .nes file games. So u can try these .nes files for them too.

for china java phones u have to
Apply the following Steps:
open zip file links given below, extract .nes files
1. Go to memory card.
2. Go to Games Folder (It May be GAME Also), (If Not Create GAMES Folder).
3. Copy *.nes Games in GAMES Folder.
4. Then Just Go To Fun & Games Folder.
5. Restart your phone and goto Fun and Games. > EMUD GAME/Games/Java games
Folder you can see Game.

As i already said that only some china phone supports .nes games, so dont get annoyed if ur china phone doesnt support .nes

This application is for s60v3 phones, and if u have any .nes emaluator then just download game pack.

if any china phn person wanna try then just download game pack.

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