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    It gets worse.

    Sack me

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    I may only be mid table in both our main league and the head to head (with Mark and Karl leading the way at the top of both leagues) but this gameweek I could be completing the 'double'-beating both Mark and Karl in consecutive weeks in the head to head.
    The result against Karl is all hanging on Man City vs Wigan game-he has Richards and Silva to play and I have Dzeko and Silva(who is also my captain). Pre match it is 25-23 advantage to Karl.

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    Notice to everybody

    January wildcard is only applicable until feb 2nd

    If you have more than one transfer in this or next gameweek use the wildcard.
    Do not suffer penalty points when you don't have to.

    January transfer window seems very quiet so I'm not holding onto it while waiting,just in case, for a big transfer,instead I'm using the wildcard to sort my team out with better players that are already playing.

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    Its about time this had an update..

    What ever happened to him who was leading early on

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    Not game related, but premier league so ill post here.

    Big win tonight, 5 points clear now. How do we do it? injuries, best defender (Vidic) been out all season, a lot of young players. We could go 8 points clear next sunday before city play Arsenal.

    Fixtures left

    Man Utd
    7 April - QPR (h)
    9 April - Wigan (a)
    14 April - Aston Villa (h)
    21 April - Everton (h)
    28 April - Man City (a)
    5 May - Swansea (h)
    13 May - Sunderland (a)

    Man City
    7 April - Arsenal (a)
    9 April - West Brom (h)
    14 April - Norwich (a)
    21 April - Wolves (a)
    28 April - Man Utd (h)
    5 May - Newcastle (a)
    13 May - QPR (h)

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    And this is the goal of the season

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    Last game people!
    Is everybody ready for 3pm Sunday?
    If not I suggest you get ready now, no point in waiting for ANYTHING at this stage.

    Mark and Karl are still battling it out at the top of our league and it's all down to the last day ( meanwhile I am resigned to mid table obscurity )

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    Final standings, i think..


    Head to head

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    Well done Mark and Karl. Finished level on pts

    And Diamond Geezers F.C winning the head to head league

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