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    Only takes a minute to register. The game is exactly same.

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    I kept forgetting to do the predictions last year anyway so I think I just wont bother this year.

    I have changed my team and was going to again because apparently Wilshire is injured but I can't show it you guys and I can't transfer out Wilshire because the website has been down for maintenance and too busy to log on since last night,looks like I'll miss the morning deadline and start the season with an injury.

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    Yeah i wanted to change mine yesterday but couldn't get on.

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    Log in to see links

    Unlimited transfers extended until saturday.

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    Free transfers for another week has totally thrown me off my plan, one quick overhaul and I think I've got an even better team however.
    Bet you're glad of the free transfers tho. eh paul (what with you being sat in last place in the league and all).

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    New Team:

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    Id be sat at the top if it was 5-a side. Not being able to change my players last week cost me big time.

    Ill do my new team friday.

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    Hey i joined too.

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    Good to see you back in for another season,how's your team doing?

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