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    good to be back, this is my team for now

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    I'm liking this season so far: For a short while at the weekend Liverpool were top of the prem and now I'm top of the m24 league(probably only for a short time too )

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    At least am not bottom anymore. 38pts this week with Young and Rooney tonight.

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    Haha Paul, well at my suprise i am second in the league, after laziytus.

    And first in head to head i think, but i can't see the last gameweeks scores in head to head league.

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    If it's any consolation paul although I am top of the league, now that the head to head's score seems fixed I can see I have lost both rounds so far and am sat at 16th out of 18 whereas you are 6th.

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    Its weird how it works out like that. I actually forgot about the head to head league, only looked today when you said am 6th.

    Top scorer last week in main league.. from bottom to 8th. Not checked this week yet.

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    Am top of the league.. get in it wont last

    Thanks to my captain Rooney and Young.

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    One transfer - Doyle in, Ba out.

    Bent 75% chance of playing, but i think ill risk it.

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    Just above average game week for me.

    Latest table..

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    Wow, a massive 9 pts

    Most play tomorrow. Micro with -2, never seen minus pts before

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