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  1. Default Game Installation Problem

    I'm actually new to Android,
    I'm currently using my first ever android phone
    a Samsung Galaxy S II

    I downloaded a game Spectral Souls from this link
    http :// www .mobiles24. com/ downloads/s/481741-295-spectral_souls
    (Sorry bout the spaces, culdn't post the link)

    After i open it i get a message saying hardware not supported......can someone please help me figure out whats wrong or how can i get the game to install?


  2. Default game downloading problem

    hello sir, i m unable 2 download any java game for my nokia c5 mobile. Please help me 2 downlmad sir.

  3. Default

    Having come up with this problem myself i have realised that all versions of spectral souls on here dont support Nvidia Terga 2 which my n ur galaxy s2's use,

    So if anyone has vesion 2.2 of spectral souls i would greatly appreciate it as im not paying £10 for a game for my phone lol ill put a request in the request page too

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