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  1. Default help!

    can eny one please tell me where i can find the batteries in episode 3?
    i did not find them near the computer!
    i have also got the key from oscar

  2. Default

    thanx nice game

  3. Default

    i cant find the hidden compartment..where????wait 2 secs to reload the image
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  4. Default

    i cant even clear episode 1 ihav opened the trash and talked to man but does not anymore than this

  5. Default Solution to Investigators (complete walkthrough)

    Solution to Investigators

    If anyone knows how to get a diffrent ending please post the solution here. This gives the unsatisfying ending that it seems everyone has gotten in this thread, but the end gives some hope for an Investigators II - The Revenge.

    Episode I - Not with Those shoes

    1.01. Look at Noteboard
    1.02. Use Telephone
    1.03. Talk with Harry on the phone
    1.04. Open Computer (on the floor)
    1.05. Recieve Harddrive
    1.06. Use Elevator
    1.07. Go To Crime Lab
    1.08. Use Harddrive on Harry (man with glasses working at a computer)
    1.09. Use Harry's Telephone when it starts to flash
    1.10. Talk with Nina
    1.11. Look at map (in inventory)
    1.12. Go To 721 Sullivan Street
    1.13. Open Trashcan
    1.14. Talk with bearded man about trashcan
    1.15. Look at map
    1.16. Go To Headquarters
    1.17. Talk with Nina (woman with desk to the right of your desk) about asprin
    1.18. Recieve Asprin
    1.19. Look at map
    1.20. Go To 721 Sullivan Street
    1.21. Use Asprin on Bearded Man
    1.22. Recieve One Dollar bill
    1.23. Recieve Flyer
    1.24. Look at map
    1.25. Go To HeadQuarters
    1.26. Use Elevator
    1.27. Go To Crime Lab
    1.28. Use Flyer on DNA Analyzer
    1.29. Look at Computerscreen
    1.30. Look at map
    1.31. Go To 721 Sullivan Street
    1.32. Go To Back Alley
    1.33. Use Flyer on Bouncer
    1.34. Go To HeadQuaters
    1.35. Use Telephone
    1.36. Talk with Harry about body found at Bishops Legs

    Episode II - Pub Punishment

    2.01. Look at map
    2.02. Go To Bishops Legs
    2.03. Use Gloves on bottle beside corpse
    2.04. Recieve Bottle (with fingerprints intact)
    2.05. Go To Head Quarters
    2.06. Use Elevator
    2.07. Go To Crimelab
    2.08. Use bottle on DNA Analyzer
    2.09. Look at Computerscreen
    2.10. Look at map
    2.11. Go To Bishops Legs
    2.12. Go Thru kitchendoor
    2.13. Talk with Leonard
    2.14. Pick up Ice Pick (in the pile of dishes to the right of Leonard)
    2.15. Go back (down) to the bar.
    2.16. Listen to the dishes crash in the kitchen and Leonard gets fired.
    2.17. Go Thru kitchendoor
    2.18. Talk with Leonard again
    2.19. Look at map
    2.20. Go To HeadQuarters
    2.21. Use Phone
    2.22. Talk with Marty from Forensic Lab
    2.23. Use Elevator
    2.24. Go To Forensics Lab
    2.25. Talk with Marty
    2.26. Recieve Hairsample
    2.27. Use Elevator
    2.28. Go To Crime Lab.
    2.29. Use Hairsample on DNA Analyzer
    2.30. Look at computerscreen
    2.31. Use Elevator
    2.32. Go To Office
    2.33. Talk with Nina
    2.34. Look at map
    2.35. Go To Bishops Legs
    2.37. Pick Up Note From Kitchendoor
    2.36. Look at map
    2.37. Go To 721 Sullivan Street
    2.38. Go To Back Alley
    2.39. Use Note on Bouncer
    2.40. Open Door behind Bouncer Oscar

    Episode III - Open Door

    3.01. Talk with both Gangsters
    3.02. Go To Back Alley (down)
    3.03. Talk with Spinning B-boy
    3.04. Talk with B-boy
    3.05. Look at map
    3.06. Go To Headquarters
    3.07. Use Elevator
    3.08. Go To Crime Lab
    3.09. Pick Up Batteries (from where Harry used to sit)
    3.10. Look at map
    3.11. Go To Bishops Legs
    3.12. Go Thru Kitchen Door
    3.13. Talk with Oscar (former Bouncer)
    3.14. Recieved Rusty Key
    3.15. Look at map
    3.16. Go To 721 Sullivan Street
    3.17. Go To Back Alley
    3.18. Use Batteries on Boomblaster
    3.19. Recieved Gold Chain
    3.20. Open Entrance To Club
    3.21. Use Gold chain on gangster
    3.22. Open Hidden Compartment (in table on the right)
    3.23. Recieved Small Key
    3.24. Use Small Key On Small Lock (door in the back of the club)
    3.25. Use Rusty Key On Rusty Lock (door in the back of the club)
    3.26. Open Door
    3.27. Use Answeringmachine
    3.28. Look at all three papers on the wall

    Episode IV - Cell 66

    4.01. Look at map
    4.02. Go To Carlow Prison
    4.03. Talk to Receptionist
    4.04. Ask the receptionist if you may see the cell Gregory Gant was in.
    4.05. Stick close to the wall. ;-)
    4.06. Pick up Poster
    4.07. Use Ice-Pick on Wall where the Poster was.
    4.08. Recieve Instructions
    4.09. Look at map
    4.10. Go To Headquarters
    4.11. Use Elevator
    4.12. Go To Crime Lab
    4.13. Use Instructions on DNA Analyzer
    4.14. Look at ComputerScreen
    4.15. Use Elevator
    4.16. Go To Office
    4.17. Talk with Nina
    4.18. Look at map
    4.19. Go To Carlow Prison
    4.20. Talk to Receptionist
    4.21. Ask if you may see the Warden
    4.22. Open Door to Wardens Office
    4.23. Look at eye in painting
    4.24. Pick up Letter
    4.25. Read Letter

    Episode V

    5.01. Talk To Nina
    5.02. Look at map
    5.03. Go To Bishops Legs
    5.04. Look at bar where corpse used to be. ("DD Clean")
    5.05. Look at map
    5.06. Go To Headquarters
    5.07. Talk To Nina
    5.08. Go To Crime Lab
    5.09. Talk To Harry
    5.10. Use Harry's Telephone
    5.11. Look at map
    5.12. Go To Danny's Dry Cleaning
    5.13. Talk To Danny
    5.14. Look at map
    5.15. Go To 721 Sullivan Street
    5.16. Talk with bearded man
    5.17. Go To Back Alley
    5.18. Open Entrance To Club
    5.19. Talk To Gangsters
    5.20. Recieve Gold Chain from Gangsters
    5.21. Go To Back Alley (down)
    5.22. Go To 721 Sullivan Street (down)
    5.23. Use Gold chain on bearded man
    5.24. Recieve Clothes
    5.25. Look at map
    5.26. Go To Danny's Dry Cleaning
    5.27. Use Clothes on Danny
    5.28. Use Button (on the right)
    5.29. Go To Opening
    5.30. Listen to Gregory Gant bragging
    5.31. Go To Danny's Dry Cleaning (down)
    5.32. Watch Gregory Gant fry
    5.33. Look at map and Cry...Cry for Revenge!
    5.34. The End

  6. Default Investigators game download location for pc

    can any body please let me know where i can get Investigators game(the game which we can found in sony ericcson k530i) download location for pc.

  7. Default etched words on bar Please could you tell me wtah etched means.
    thank you very much.

  8. Default

    I cannot find the batteries at crime lab in episode 3 pls help!

  9. Red face Page url plz

    Hi ...i need the full game as iam trying to play the full version since 2010 but i cant so can you please send me the setup or tell me the url where to download it full...please kindly help me.. iam very very eager to about the upcoming levels..still i did'nt open the pub punishment...plz....plz....plz!!!!!

  10. Default

    Thanks for sharing nice game.

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