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    Quote Originally Posted by smilga Log in to see links
    you must show the Flyer to the big guy (Bouncer) at the entrance of the club. the Bouncer will ask for a new life (new job). Leonard ( the cooker) must be fired, if you pick up the ice pick in the Bishops Legs. An so then there must be a note on the door which leads to the kitchen. pick it up and show to the Bouncer.
    Thanks smilga, but i cant seem to find the note on the door
    plz help

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    HELP!!! why cant i download the rest of the game??

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    how can i download the full game?...........when i reach the second episode I have to pay to continue playing...............some help..............

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    where will i find the key for the rusty lock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by apoloking Log in to see links
    A very brief and not so accurate walkthrough but will help.......... to nina to harry
    3.answer phone
    4.visit street
    5.check body
    6.check bin to street rat
    8.get asprin from nina, scan flyer in crimes-lab
    9.give to street rat
    10.go to back alley to bouncer to nina
    13.go to bishop to bartender
    15.go to kitchen, talk to cook
    16.pull ice-pick out
    17.take note on kitchen door
    18.give note to bouncer
    19.go to crime lab, take batteries
    20.go to back alley, give batteries to bboys
    21.give gold chain to gangster
    22.take key from secret compartment
    23.go to back room
    24.listen to voice-recorder all posts
    26.go to prison
    27.visit cell
    28.take poster
    29.use icepick on wall
    30.take note to nina to prison receptionist
    33.visit warden's office eyes
    35.take letter
    36.go to bishop etched words on bar to nina to harry
    40.answer phone
    41.go to drycleaners to danny to street rat to gangsters to street rat
    46. talk to danny
    47.push button
    48.go back room
    49.exit to dry-cleaner
    50.THE END!
    wow that ending was a shame

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    Yeah where is the rusty key?

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    yea someone please help me to download the full version of the game please..........Do not Post E-Mail Address in the Forums
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  9. Default Investigators [by Daydream]

    does some have the FULL game of investigator in SE version 240x320??

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    Try this one:Log in to see links

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