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  1. Default help needed on surfing internet on laptop using phone

    Guyz i surf internt on my laptop by connecting my phone using pdanet. But speed on laptop is very slow as compared to speed which i get when i surf on my phone . can anybody tell me is it normal to get less speed on laptop or i should use any other software or method to connect my phone

  2. Default EasyTether

    Try EasyTether i find it faster than PDANet

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    Quote Originally Posted by devil2k66 Log in to see links
    Try EasyTether i find it faster than PDANet
    thanks for this new really very effective ..

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    I think this is due to signal problem try again.

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    Are you using 3g, wap pages load faster because of small screens on mobile phones. It could be a problem with your network also. Though your phone could be a wifi hotspot, internet speed would still depend on your network speed.

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