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  1. Smile TweetCaster Pro for Android v3.0.1 (Amazon App)

    TweetCaster Pro for Android v3.0.1 (Amazon App)
    Requirements: Android 1.5+
    Overview: TweetCaster is the #1 Android Twitter app with the most innovative features!

    TweetCaster Pro for Android gives you ad-free access to all of the basic Twitter features you know and love, along with a number of new functions to help improve your experience. Post updates, send direct messages, and share photos, videos, and links with your friends and followers--all in 140 characters or less. A variety of themes and built-in services let you customize the app to suit your needs.

    All the familiar features--and more
    Upon logging in with your free Twitter account, you'll be brought directly to a colorful, interactive version of your feed. Browse by swiping up or down, or jump straight to the latest updates with a single menu option. TweetCaster also provides filters, giving you other ways to view your feed. Unlike the free version of the app, TweetCaster Pro for Android is ad-free.

    Select individual tweets to visit links, view photos, reply, re-tweet, mark as a favorite, or share via e-mail or SMS. If the tweet is part of an ongoing discussion between users, you can view the entire thread on its own or jump to specific profiles and hashtags. Click on users to view their profile, or communicate with them directly. Different views--such as mentions, favorites, direct messages, and lists--are easily navigable via icons on the menu bar.

    When you're ready to jump in and tweet, you'll find crafting your updates to be simple and convenient. TweetCaster allows you to add a picture or video from galleries or directly from your device's camera. Built-in URL shortening is also available, and you can quickly add geotag information or the usernames of your contacts to your tweet. If you link your Facebook account, TweetCaster will update that profile as well.

    Latest Innovations
    TweetCaster Pro for Android brings several innovative features that make tweeting more enjoyable than ever. Hide annoying tweeters with Zip It, which enables you to remove users or trends from your feed without unfollowing them. Instapaper support lets you save long articles so you can read them later. Use Color Coding to personalize your own tweets and @replies with a custom color of your choosing.

    Additional options
    TweetCaster provides support for multiple Twitter accounts and a streamlined interface for switching between them. In addition, users can customize their experience with four different visual themes and three font-size options, or select from a number of URL-shortening or image and video uploading services. And, if you want to be notified when certain actions occur, a variety of choices are available to you, from background notifications for new tweets to vibrations for new direct messages.

    TweetCaster Pro for Android comes with two widgets: a small one that allows you to post updates from your mobile device's home screen, and a larger one which gives you a glimpse of the latest from your Twitter feed.

    Product Features
    Access Twitter's major features and stay connected on the go
    Keep up with your friends' latest updates, links, photos, and more
    Post your own updates, send messages, and manage your profile, without ads
    Hide annoying tweeters with Zip It
    Use widgets for homescreen access to your tweets and feed escreen access to your tweets and feed

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