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  1. Smile SwiftKey2 Keyboard BETA v2.0.2.8

    SwiftKey2 v2.0.2.8 BETA
    Requirements: Android
    Overview: Among other improvements, this beta is the first to test our new PERSONALIZATION features. These have their own sub menu within settings. Prediction behavior should also be significantly better.


    In order to personalize SwiftKey using your data from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or your blog, go to the new 'Personalization' section within the SwiftKey2 Beta settings menu, accessible via long-pressing the 'microphone/cog' button in SwiftKey, or via the keyboard control panel on your phone.

    To personalize:

    • Install the app as usual, and do SMS personalization as you have previous.
    • Tap the relevant service and provide the credentials requested (best with Wi-Fi)
    • See the status of your personalization attempt (NOTE: to see the status of Gmail personalization, please press your phone's back button to go to the main settings menu, then press Personalizaton again).
    • Once a personalization task is complete, you will receive a notification on your phone. If it's successful, you're all set!

    Please note, the UI for personalization is work in progress and will be improving shortly. Please bear with us on this!

    The best way to see the effect of personalization is to uncheck all language modules (English US, etc.) and try to type. You will only see personalized predictions in SwiftKey.

    To clear personalization, go into 'Language Modules' and press 'Clear my language data'. SMS learning currently works in the same way as prior Betas. SwiftKey2 does not log any of your personal data during the personalization process.

    Known Issues:

    Installer personalization loop
    We currently know there is an issue if you enable and set the keyboard to default before going through the installer wizard – if you try to use any personalization features, these will load another instance of the installer whenever you try to enter text. Please complete all steps of the installer wizard in the order they are presented to avoid this problem.


    Some installations on Android 2.2 or lower when using Whatsapp have a text handling bug with this version of SwiftKey. It appears to come from a bug in the coding of Whatsapp, but we're looking into this.

    Hard keyboard in browsers:

    There are some bugs with hard keyboards in browsers.

    Changelog for SwiftKey

    - Redesigned installer process
    - Redesigned settings menu
    - SwiftKey shortcut launcher on keyboard
    - New typing styles: Precise (identical to Classic), Rapid (similar to Rapidfire)
    (Note: you can reproduce "Manual" with "Space will always insert a space" in advanced)
    - Text handling improvements (fixed doubledouble bug, etc. + general stability improvements)
    - Improved dark theme

    Download Instructions:

    Please write PM if you can not load, or if my links are dead. I then make a new mirror

  2. Default

    It works, thanks. But it froze up on the setting screen xD But other than that, it's good. (:

  3. Smile

    It says it will expire on June 21 2011. When I installed the app from the market it said the license will expire on August 30 2011. Will I be able to use the keyboard after the expiration date

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